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Tim followed his address with an impromptu performance on piano of a new song from a forthcoming musical he is working on.


For every swear word I use, there’s a word which is equally uncommon at the other end of the language scale. I understand the incredible power of language and how it shapes ideas, so on any given day, I’m as likely to use the term “correlative fallacy” or “demagogue” or “obfuscate” or “tenacity” as I am the f word. All language has its place, and to the extent I use words to shock, I also use them to illuminate, even – dare I say it – educate.

Similarly, for every bit of eye make-up and big hair, there is thousands upon thousand of hours of sitting at a piano. For every bit of stand-up about sex, there is a rant about the importance of examining your beliefs. For every fun night out in LA or New York, there’s endless ours of banging my head against my piano, trying to think of a new phrase, a new way to express an old idea, an old structure through which to introduce a new idea.

You can rebel chaotically, or you can rebel with intent, rebel with your spleen or with your brain. The first version might mean you end up being The Sex Pistols or Banksy, but it more commonly ends up with you suffering. If you leave school and decide that all that ‘drugs are bad’ stuff is just propaganda and that you’re going to smoke dope all day – that’s not rebellion. Sorry, that’s just intellectually lazy. I’ve got friends who figured they were too cool to take care of their bodies and brains, and they’re dead now.

—Tim Minchin (via alfajones)

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still cannot get over the idea of a “penta poofta piano possy”

Same here. Still cycling in my brain:


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